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What you will get

FAMILY Session Fee = $225

The session fee includes the photographer’s time, travel to a location of your choice, creativity during the approximate 90 minute session, and custom editing of selected files.

You will be able to view some of your images as a sneak peek on this site and shortly after you will receive a CD with selected  images captured during our session.

The CD will have two folders:

One JPEG folder with full size images to print at your own leisure. *Please view disclaimer below*

One WEB folder with resized images to share with family and friends via email.

Please NOTE…

If you require more than 90 minutes, an extra $50 per 30 minutes will be added to the fee.

The fee only applies from cities in and between Vancouver and Langley. Anything further east or west, an extra $25 will be added to the fee. If an island destination is requested, it is asked that the client cover the cost of travel for the photographer.

Payment is due at the end of our session.


WEDDING Session Fee = $250 per hour

I am available for as long as you would like me.

Up to 8 hours is $250/hour  & each additional hour will be an extra $100 per 60 minutes.

A CD with selected images from your special day are included in the fee. (*see above*)

**If you and your soon -to-be are interested in an engagement shoot, I would love to do that for you for a discounted rate of $100 (60 minutes).**


*** Since each computer and monitor has a different color scheme, not all images appear the exact same on each computer. When I edit the pictures on my calibrated monitor, I get my shots printed at COSTCO. I find that Costco printed images match my creativity and artistic vision based on what I see on my monitor. Please note that different photo labs have different calibrated printers and one picture from COSTCO may not look the exact same as one printed from say WAL-MART etc.

** Also, Digital SLR cameras have something called an aspect ratio built into the camera.

Basically my camera is a 2:3 ratio which means photos can be printed full frame at 4×6, 8×12 and 11×16

If you print an image that doesn’t correspond with the 2:3 ratio, then some of the edges will automatically be cropped out. In some pictures you will not notice a difference, while others you may notice.

Others with the subjects heads close to the edge or other detailed shots, you may notice that the edges may be chopped off a bit.

Pictures that lose parts of the edge are 5×7, 8×10, 11×14.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

*Prices are subject to change