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Hi, I'm Sara Manning, a portrait photographer from Burnaby, B.C. I want to thank you for checking out my site and encourage you to browse around & share your thoughts.

I'm passionate about capturing images that you and your family can treasure for a lifetime. Through candid photography, I am able to catch you and yours in a natural environment where everyone's personality shines through. I am blessed that I have the opportunity to meet hundreds of people by doing something that I love. Not only do I look forward to meeting each and every client, but I want you to be able to look back at your experience with me and love it.

I hope to one day meet you, so together we can create photographs that you will cherish forever! 

Lil’ Hannah

One night I was checking my work emails and came across one from someone who sounded very familiar:

Hi Sara,

This is Karen, you made the trip out to Abbotsford a couple of years ago to take photos of our family.  They turned out great.
Since your such a great photographer I was wondering if you would consider donating your servies for a good cause.  I work for the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities aka Easter Seals and my responsibility is direct marketing.  I have an upcoming campaign and I’m looking for some really great shots of a five year old girl who is currently ungoing cancer treatment.  We would like to use her story and photo’s in our campaign and could use a professional touch regarding photos.  Is this something you would consider?  It wouldn’t take much of your time and she’s staying right in Vancouver at Easter Seals House.  Please check out our website at and let me know if your are interested.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hiring you again for future family photos.

Best regards,

Before I even finished the email I was thinking “Yes, yes, yes!!!!” I didn’t even hesitate and was thoroughly honoured to have been asked. Before I knew it I was talking to Hannah’s mom and we set up a date to meet.
When I arrived at the Easter Seals’ House I knocked on Hannah’s room door and was greeted by her mom. Behind mom I saw an ADORABLE little girl in the cutest outfit holding a very colorful picture.
Now for those who know me well, they know that I love kids! I love love love love love kids!!! It doesn’t matter if it is my nephews, my friends kids, or kids I meet for the first time at a shoot – kids and I instantly click!
I introduced myself, to which Hannah shyly hid behind mom. Since I was a bit early, mom needed a couple of minutes to get ready so I offered to wait downstairs. I told Hannah that I would wait for them to which she quickly replied “No, stay here :) ” And then with the biggest smile EVER she proceeded to tell me about the picture she drew.

Mom said Hannah was asked to draw a picture about the Easter Seals’ House and that is exactly what she did. Bright and colorful and surrounded by beautiful flowers and apple trees. That is how Hannah envisions her home away from home.
Now when I responded to Karen’s email with a “yes“, I asked for a little bit of info on Hannah and this is what she replied with:

As for the little girl, her name is Hannah and her medical journey started on March 17th of this year with a trip to the ER in Prince George.  She was then transferred by Air Ambulance to Children’s Hospital to discover she has stage 4 Wilm’s Tumor with metastases to the lungs and liver.  She’s currently undergoing 31 weeks of chemotherapy and is scheduled for surgery and radiation as well.  Hannah and her mother are living at Easter Seals House during her treatment.

Now when I met Hannah we decided to go to the park to play and snap some shots. She was an absolute blast to talk to and play with. Her park favorites were the slide and the tire swing. Oh that tire swing. I was getting dizzy just watching her spin around on that thing and all she kept shouting was “More, faster, more faster!” A gorgeous girl with the most beautiful eyes, a contagious smile, a great sense of humour and an absolute ball full of energy is how I would describe this lil’ girl! :)

Hanging out with her was truly an inspiration and it got me thinking that I would love to donate more of my time at Easter Seals (click for more info if you would be interesting in donating)!!! It is such a fantastic organization!!

Thank you Karen for contacting me and making it possible for me to meet such a fabulous little girl. To Hannah & mom, thanks so much for meeting with me and hanging out! :)

Here are some of my favourites from the day:







h8 :)

“Your love is better than ice-cream.”

I met Julie and Caleb last year when they contacted me about doing an e-session for them. I just automatically assumed they were from around here, but when we tried to arrange a date and a time to meet up, I learned otherwise. A mutual friend had referred them to me and since they are from Calgary, they were looking for someone to shoot their summer 2010 wedding in Burnaby. I was honoured to: 1) Be referred and, 2) Be asked :) I met the two of them and their lil’ guy, Kyan. We hit it off right away and I instantly saw how in love they were.

The year flew by and we once again met up for me to shoot their wedding. What a fantastic day it was! As you all know, summer arrived a little bit late and since their ceremony was outside I was crossing my fingers and toes daily that the weather wouldn’t turn on us. I contacted Julie several times about a possible “plan b“, but she was as cool as a cucumber and was certain the weather would cooperate. Positive thoughts = positive results. That’s Julie for you: positive, calm, cool, relaxed, fun and smiley. Those were my first impressions of her when I met her last summer and she was no different on her wedding day!

I met her and the girls a bit early and then I headed to Burnaby Mountain to meet Caleb and the guys. When I saw Caleb, I asked him how he was doing. Besides the fact  that he and his groomsmen were already cooking from the heat, he replied “I’m good, yeah I’m good.” He had a look of excitement and anticipation on his face that I cannot really describe.  Again, when I met them last year I witnessed how head over heels in love he is with Julie. Multiply that by a thousand and that is how elated he looked on his wedding day. Ok, now take that and multiply that by a million as that is how he looked when he saw Julie walk down the aisle :)

The ceremony was beautiful. The sun was shining and the sky couldn’t have been any more blue. What made the ceremony extra special for the two of them was the fact that it was led by Caleb’s father.

After that we did some family shots and I was able to snap some of them with their little cutie pie, Kyan. Next, we headed to a different location to take some of the wedding party.

Now, you might be asking why I am quoting a Sarah Mclachlan song as the title of this entry. Well, when I first met Julie and Caleb they told me how much they loved ice-cream and said to me “On our wedding day we definitely want to get some pictures of us eating ice-cream.” What a great idea I thought!!! Well, right before we were about to leave Burnaby Mountain I saw an ice-cream truck in the parking lot. How fitting :) The funny thing was I politely asked the driver to step off the truck so I could take some pictures of the two of them and he said “Ok, ok no problem.” However, he never moved and kept smiling at the camera as I was snapping away. ;)

I chose this title because not only do the two of them love ice-cream, but in literal terms their love for each is so beautiful and obvious.  The whole day they were together they were snuggling in close to each other, holding hands, and stealing kisses when the camera wasn’t even on them. It was so awesome to see and I am so thankful that they asked me to capture those memories for them.

Not only are the two of them madly in love, but the love that their family and friends have for them was very evident. As I looked around during the ceremony, everyone had the biggest smiles painted on their faces. During the reception, everyone who did a speech shed a tear and got choked up. Even ME! I was trying so hard to be professional, but I couldn’t help tearing up. Every single speech was witty, touching, and extremely heartfelt!!!!!!

Julie and Caleb, I want to thank you two for an amazing day. Everything was perfect and I was thrilled to take part in your special day. The two of you are so great and you’re such a beautiful couple. It was so hard to choose what pictures to add to your “sneak peek”, so I apologize in advance for the abundance of images *in case your computer takes a while to upload them all*. ;-)